Photo credit : Nicolas Dumas

Grand A petit b, it’s me, Anne-Laure.

I am French. My dad was Spanish, my mom was born in Tunisia but her parents were Italians. My boyfriend is of Armenian origin and my children are Canadian. I grew up in France but spent all my summer under the Spanish sun. I lived one year in the USA, and I have been living for more than 12 years in Montreal.

In high school, I studied literature even I really liked maths. In college, I studied psychology and early childhood education. I worked in france and in Quebec then I studied textile and surface design in Montréal. Now I play with all that, I mix words and colors in order to create emotions and tell stories. I hope you will enjoy them.

If you want to see my patterns or if you want me to create some for you, get in touch with me. 

© 2017 par Anne-laure Bixquert

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